Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Stuff

Chris Hallquist wrote a pretty interesting blog post on whether or not religion is "hard wired" into the human brain.

Someone posted a very weird old video of the chef Julia Child explaining abiogenesis.

A new peer reviewed paper was published that shows that (astonishingly) all proteins used by life are related to one another through no more than 7 intermediate proteins. A less technical write-up can be found here.

Ray Comfort went on the 700 club and repeated the same bullshit arguments against evolution that PZ Myers corrected him on months ago.


BathTub said...

The 700 Club thing is an excellent example of the fact that Ray is knowingly lying about what evolution says.

He did the routine, got corrected repeatedly, acknowledged those corrections...

and then right back to repeating the same damn crap.

Anonymous said...

Ray Comfort was not lying. He was trying to show how life and the creation of it was a directed process. He uses illustrations for the audience that the audience can understand which is normal.

Unknown said...

Possibly the most ignorant misunderstanding of evolution is that a male dog can evolve, on its own, over millions of years, only to find itself without a female, as no female bother to evolve alongside him.

Do you understand why this is so?

Please, before you say anything else, answer that question with yes or no.

Ray Comfort brought this argument up before, and, as BathTub says, was corrected. That he would repeat it, after having been corrected, means that he is lying.

Ray Comfort was lying, because he knows that he isn't talking about the actual theory of evolution. He is talking about a parody of evolution.