Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Greatest Story Ever Garbled

Tim Callahan, Skeptic Magazine's expert on religion, has written an excellent article debunking the assertions of the movie Zeitgeist which allege that Jesus was a mythical figure based on earlier sun gods. I highly recommend it and have only minor disagreements with Callahan (namely on the authenticity of Josephus' reference to Jesus). It is a very good analysis of bad arguments for Jesus Mythicism.



erthluva said...

Acharya has responded to Callahan's article -

Skeptic Mangles ZEITGEIST
(and Religious History)

She mops the floor with him demonstrating that when it comes to the facts surrounding Zeitgeist part 1 he doesn't know what he's talking about after all.

Shane said...

erthluva The first zeitgeist movie was rubbish and none of it was factal Acharya S. is not an expert in egyptian history or in anything she claims to be there is absolutly no evidence for her claims.Even the basis for her argument that Jesus was based on the sun god Horus is false...Horus was no the egyptian sun god,Ra was.That garbage has been discredited by every university,expert and Phd and Dr.Most if not all of their sources are not from any primary sources or experts at all.