Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who wants these sites to stay up?

As most of you know, about a year ago I registered two websites:

A lot of atheists have complimented the latter as being an excellent resource, and have thanked me for creating it. Anyway, I purchased the domain names from Yahoo! and my contract is about to expire. I'm gonna need $35 to keep godriddance up, and another $35 to keep aigbusted (the site, not this blog). I don't have a job. So, if anyone wants to donate to keep one (or both) of these sites up, you can send a paypal payment to:

Ryansarcade AT Yahoo.Com

If I don't raise the necessary money in the next two weeks or so, these sites will have to go under. But, if worst comes to worst, this blog will still be here, and I will still be working on my book (Finished two chapters and am currently researching for further chapters).


Jerome said...

I've sent you some :)

AIGBusted said...

Thank you very much Jerome. So far I have gotten two payments (One from someone named Patrick) and they should be enough to cover godriddance for another year. I don't have quite enough to keep the aigbusted site up, but that's OK because I don't think it was all that popular. However, I can get a webaddress for it, but it will be something like: