Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update on websites

Hi Everyone,

You may remember me asking for donations a couple of weeks ago in order to keep my two websites, and . I have good news: Thanks to the generous donations of Greg, Patrick, and Jerome these two websites will stay up!! I found a domain provider which is a little cheaper than my current one, and I am in the middle of transferring the domains. It should be complete by next Friday. The sites will not go offline at all because I am transferring while I am under contract with my current provider.

One more thing: I am still working on my book, but I need more resources. I have found a lot online, as well as through my library and the Alabama Virtual Library (an online database with peer-reviewed papers, magazine articles, and so on provided by the state of Alabama) but I know that there are some books out there which would almost certainly be useful to me. I've created an Amazon Wishlist and would appreciate anyone who is willing to purchase one of these books.

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