Sunday, August 24, 2008

Evolution Education

Reading this NY Times article about evolution education really disenheartened me.


"Animals do adapt to their environments, Ms. Yancey tells her students, but evolution alone can hardly account for the appearance of wholly different life forms. She leaves it up to them to draw their own conclusions. But when pressed, she tells them, 'I think God did it.'

Mr. Campbell was well aware of her opinion. 'I don’t think we have this great massive change over time where we go from fish to amphibians, from monkeys to man,' she once told him. 'We see lizards with different-shaped tails, we don’t see blizzards — the lizard bird.'

With some approximation of courtesy, Mr. Campbell reminded her that only a tiny fraction of organisms that ever lived had been preserved in fossils. Even so, he informed his own students, scientists have discovered thousands of fossils that provide evidence of one species transitioning into another — including feathered dinosaurs."

As the article rightly implies, this resistance to science is the direct result of religious ignorance gone runamuk.

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CSmhacky said...

Understanding the nature of science is at the heart of a quality science education. In addition to facts, theories and formulas, science involves an evidence-based process of exploring and understanding our world. It is incumbent upon science educators to ensure that our teaching is true to the nature of science.