Friday, August 1, 2008

Theistic Evolutionists

Reader Discretion Advised: The this blog post and the video discussed in herein contains offensive language.

The video in question is TheAmazingAtheist's Fuck Theistic Evolutionists. He explains that atheists should not show favoritism to theistic evolutionists simply because they accept the truth of it while other christians are in the strangleholds of fundamentalist christianity. He is half right. Theistic evolutionists may be viewed as more open minded, thoughtful and intellgient (in general) than fundamentalists. However, creationism is only one of the many fire breathing heads growing from the beast of religion; Likewise religion is only one terrible creature amongst a monsterous species of irrationality. Just as Charles Darwin once said, promoting Scientific Thought (Or Critical Thinking) may be key to showing just how irrational some thought systems are. The next step, of course, is to show that Nontheism and Critical Thought go hand in hand. So in order to further Nontheism, we must first further Critical Thinking.

This brings me to another point of TheAmazingAtheist's: That Atheism has "sold out", or become too popular, and now is like anyother belief system/subculture/(quasi?)religion. In a way this is true: Atheism is now usually associated with thoughtful people who embrace Science, Skepticism, and are way too harsh in their critiques of religion. Of course, he realizes that what Atheism has been associated with and what it is are two different things: Atheism is really and truly a lack of belief in a or any god(s). To solve this problem, he introduces what he calls "Amazing Atheism": A Ruggedly individualistic framework which also embraces Atheism. I would change the name of his idea to something a little less self serving: We should promote Skepticism and Science above all else, and state that until further notice Atheism is most compatible with this framework of thought, the reasons we think this, and then encourage others to challenge these arguments.


SteveG said...

I'm an atheist because of critical thinking, not the other way around. People shouldn't forget this.

Created Rationalist said...

DoneExodus2 Responded the Amazing Atheist, his video is also rather interesting;