Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ray Comfort - Dishonest as he can be

I was at the bookstore again today, and guess what I came across? Ray Comfort's new book about Evolution. I am now thoroughly convinced that the man is either dishonest to the core or insane. Every page was filled with nonsense, misquotes, and misinformation. What can only be described as intellectual violence was done to the ideas of the late Stephen Jay Gould. Comfort quotes him out of context to make it appear as if he said that wings could not evolve, yet a look at the referenced article shows that Gould was only describing the problem of evolving wings... Before illustrating a convincing model for wing evolution and how it had been scientifically tested.

Even worse is the fact that Comfort quoted Ernst Mayr as saying that there were gaps in the fossil record. I decided to go to the science section and look at Mayr's book What Evolution Is and the quote in question. I found that quickly after the quote Mayr stated that the fossil record is expected to be incomplete because only a tiny percentage of corpses fossilize; Besides, geological processes often destroy fossils. Nevertheless, Mayr tells us that there is an excellent sequence of fossils showing the evolution of mammals from reptiles. Indeed there is, and you can see it for yourself.


Brian said...

It's not really surprising. If these people were honest and really interested in using the evidence to find the truth, then they wouldn't believe what they believe.

How many times has Michael Behe been shown why his ideas about irreducible complexity are invalid? How many times have people shown him that transitional organs can change function (i.e. the lung was not always for breathing, etc.) and that a missing part in a complex organ does not always result in a completely useless organ? How many times has he been shown E. coli, which has an injector needle similar to a bacterial flagellum, but with a few missing parts, yet still remaining a useful organ, just with a different purpose?

These men have seen the evidence. They've been answered, multiple times. It's just the people they appeal to don't know that they've been answered already, and when that does come to light, these clowns just pooh-pooh everything and ignore it.

Now they're presenting themselves as "rebels" when in fact all they are is the old establishment trying to gain back lost ground.

Anonymous said...

You're blog is ignorant, and blind to the truth!
Creation is truth, and evolution is all lies.

And that's the bottem line guy!