Sunday, August 17, 2008

Twenty Reasons, Part 5

In case you missed the last post in this series, I have been sorting through Ken Ham's 'Twenty Reasons' why the bible and Evolution are not compatible.

There are only five reasons left, and none of them seem to me to be groundshaking or worth discussion. Here is a link to Ham's article, and here is a link to the AiC article.

To recapitulate, Genesis could be taken as a metaphor, yet we have some problems: Why does it say that birds were created before land animals, or that the sun was created after the earth? When a soul is given to the Adam, what happens to the other human beings? Do they stay soulless or do they all die out? After the "Fall", are those humans given souls, or do they go extinct? Is it even possible to have a large brain as Homo Erectus did, create cave paintings and such, and make stone tools without having a 'soul'?

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