Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Evolution of the Genetic Code

Youtube User CDK007 has made another awesome video about the origin and evolution of the genetic code. I learned so much from it. In essence:

We start off with protocells (fatty spheres) which house strands of RNA.

These strands of RNA evolve into enzymes, capable of catalyzing (making easy) the formation of lipids, peptides, and so on.

Some of these ribozymes require short 2-3 amino acid peptides in order to function.

Ribozymes which manufacture these amino acids are known to exist; And of course a protocell which could perform this function would be at a huge advantage. This, of course, means that we are a step closer to protein formation!

Although CDK doesn't mention it in his video, scientists have directly observed a ribozyme evolving into DNA.

It is looking more and more like abiogenesis is not the huge deal creationists have made of it.

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