Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I just wanted to make a post to summarize all the important posts I've made lately:

* New Experiments showed how RNA could form on the early earth. Richard Carrier made a post on statistics and biogenesis. Richard Carrier wrote a good blog post on statistics and biogenesis.

* I've posted a lot of my old books for sale on eBay. Books on evolution, atheism, theism, science and philosophy.

* Jason Rosenhouse wrote a good blog post on the topic of whether human evolution was likely and how this affected Christianity. I provide my comments.

* I wrote a chapter by chapter summary of my book, Atheism and Naturalism. Also, you can save 10% of the purchase of my book when you enter the code MAYCONTEST10 at the checkout. Buy it here.

* Something I haven't blogged on yet: I'll be appearing on The Infidel Guy Show this thursday, May 21 to talk about my book.

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