Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ida: Revealing the Link

A new transitional fossil, between lemurs and anthropoids, nicknamed "Ida". She is very complete, and has her own website here:


Fascinating videos and info!!

Update: Blogger Laelaps has written an article on this that suggests this primate may not be our ancestor after all.

Update 2: I read an article in Science, and it seems that there is even more skepticism about this new find than I had thought. Apparently it is a matter of debate as to which group we evolved from:

Researchers have been trying to trace the origins of anthropoids--a group of higher primates that include apes, monkeys, and humans--for decades. The earliest undisputed fossils of anthropoids lived in Egypt between 32 million and 35 million years ago. In the past 15 years, researchers have found older fossils, including Eosimias, that lived 45 million years ago in China and India--and most researchers argue that these diminutive fossils either are the earliest anthropoids or are their close relatives. A few researchers, however, argue instead that anthropoids arose from a more primitive group of primates--so-called adapids.

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