Thursday, May 7, 2009


I finally published it!

Here is where you purchase it. It's $2.99 for download and $13.99 to purchase the paperback.

You can read excerpts from the book here.


Have you ever wondered what Atheists believe? You know what they DON'T believe in, but what positive beliefs do they have?

Are you an atheist who wants to fully explore the philosophical and scientific issues surrounding your worldview?

In either case, this book is for you. This book explores the arguments for God, why the fail, the arguments against God, and argues that Nature is all that exists (Naturalism). This book covers everything from Meaning and Morality to Creationism and Evolution.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.


Marc said...

I don't have a credit card yet, once I get it I will buy your book :)

Anthony said...

Thanks for the update, I just purchased my copy.

AIGBusted said...

Thanks Anthony, I hope you like the book!

mjarsulic said...


I'm the producer of The Infidel Guy Show. If you would be interested in making an appearance to promote the book, let me know.

producer [at] infidelguy [dot] com

Jerome said...

Bought it! :)

Greg said...

Just downloaded it, looking forward to perusing its pages. Well done.

AIGBusted said...

Thanks to all those who bought it, please let me know what you think!

Ashta said...

since im a slack in reading i got a question for ya:

Is the book easy to read through and will it help me make a solid standpoint vs creationist?

t.i.a :)

AIGBusted said...

Hey Ashta,

I don't think the book is all that hard to read, but you can read some excerpts I've linked to in the post and decide for yourself.

I wrote a pretty extensive chapter on creationism, although I did not cover every creationist claim (that would be impossible to do in a chapter).