Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapter by Chapter Synopsis of My Book

Here is a chapter by chapter synopsis (summary) of my book, Atheism and Naturalism:

1. Grouding Your Worldview

Concerns how we know things (epistemology) and defeats some epistemic arguments against atheism (such as presuppositionalism).

2. The Philosopher's God

Concerns arguments for God popular amongst philosophers such as the Kalam Cosmological Argument, the Ontological argument, the Argument from Consciousness, and many more.

3. The "Miracle" of Life

Rebutts arguments for God concerning Biology, such as the "Fine tuning" argument, Irreducible Complexity, the Argument from Biogenesis (Origin of Life), etc.

4. Revelation

Provides reasons and examples of why Holy Books like the Bible and Qu'ran do not contain any verified prophecies or advanced scientific knowledge. Also argues that Jesus was a false prophet who predicted that the end of the world would come within the lifetime of his followers.

5. The Case Against Christ

Rebutts Arguments surrounding Jesus of Nazareth, such as the argument that Jesus fulfilled many Old Testament prophecies (and therefore must be the messiah), Arguments for Jesus' resurrection, and more.

6. Someone to Hear Your Prayers?

Argues that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are definitely false.

7. Arguments Against God

Presents arguments against God (such as the Argument from Evil and the Argument from Nonbelief) and shows why theistic responses to these arguments are failures.

8. Naturalism

Defines "Naturalism" extensively and argues that it is true through arguments such as the argument from Mind/Brain Dependency.

9. The Big Bang, Being, and Beginnings

Explains the Big Bang, Origin of Life, Natural Selection, and speculations on what occured before the Big Bang.

10. Evolution: The Evidence

Argues from fossil and genetic evidence that all life is descended from a common ancestor.

11. Some Objections Considered

Argues that Meaning and Morality are not destroyed by an atheistic worldview, and considers the argument that God is not to be found through arguments or evidence.

Also, don't forget that excerpts can be read here.

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