Saturday, May 9, 2009

Statistics and Biogenesis

Richard Carrier has authored a fascinating post on the origin of life and statistics.

Also, Robert Hazen wrote something ideal for this discussion.

My Book has a very lengthy discussion on these issues, exposing the fallacies of creationist calculations about the origin of life. Even if it was an improbable event, conservative estimates (which I cite in my book) show that over a million life-friendly planets exist in the universe, and of course each of these planets is freakin' huge and has hundreds of millions of years to produce one simple self-replicating system that can evolve into the first living cell.

Also, I've got some good news: The producer of the Infidel Guy show has got in touch with me, and I may make an appearance on the show. We've tentatively scheduled it for May 21st.


Arizona Atheist said...

Congratulations about your book and appearing on The Infidel Guy. I'm planning on getting a copy of your book once it hits

AIGBusted said...

Hey Arizona Atheist,

My book won't hit . I haven't arranged for distribution and do not have an isbn. It is available on though, and I don't see why it would be a problem to order it through them.

Arizona Atheist said...

Hi AIG. Well, that's good to know
: ) I'll get it from LuLu then. Thanks!